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Popponesset and Ockway Bay Tide Levels

Tide tables based on accurate local measurements and real-time tide charts are available on this web site.  In addition, for boaters in Ockway Bay, a low-tide calendar is available that shows times when boats with drafts of about 1 foot are likely to get stuck in the shallow water. The low-tide calendar is available here or can be imported into your personal google calendar.

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Tide Tables
Real-time Tide Charts
Ockway Bay Low-tide Calendar

Map of Popponesset and Ockway Bay

Current Tide Level

Real-time tide level shown in feet relative to mean low low water (MLLW) which is the average height of the lowest daily tide recorded at the tide station. The bottom of the Ockway Bay is at approximately one foot below MLLW in shallow areas.  When the needle is in the red boats with a draft of 1 foot are likely to get stuck in shallow areas like Ockway Bay and Mashpee River.  Yellow is the zone where boaters should be careful in shallow areas but should be able to navigate the bay with their outboard motors tilted up.